Bioremediation Injection:

HRC (Hydrogen Releasing Compound):  HRC is an environmentally safe polylactate ester that slowly releases lactic acid upon hydration.   The HRC is applied to the subsurface with push-point injection or  within dedicated wells.  The HRC is then left in place where it works to stimulate rapid contaminant degradation as anaerobic microbes metabolize the lactic acid.  This produces low concentrations of dissolved  hydrogen that is then used by other subsurface microbes to strip the solvent molecules of their chlorine atoms and allow for further biological degradation. When in the subsurface, HRC continues to operate for a period of  a year’s time, cost effectively degrading chlorinated ground pollutants such as  PCE, TCE, and TCA.

By providing a long-lasting, time-released hydrogen source, HRC cost effectively degrades chlorinated solvent contamination in place, at a fraction of the cost of other treatment technologies. 

ORC (Oxygen Releasing Compound):  ORC is a patented formulation of magnesium peroxide that causes a slow and sustained release of  oxygen when in contact with soil moisture or groundwater. Widespread naturally occurring micro-organisms that aerobically degrade pollutants thrive in the oxygen-enriched environment produced by ORC. When in the presence of ORC these microbes rapidly degrade groundwater pollutants into harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide and water.  Thus, the application of ORC is an excellent technique used to accelerate the natural degradation of pollutants in groundwater 10X to 100X over un-amended approaches.

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